Prosthetiki dental laboratory specialises in dental implants, dental and porcelain veneers


Prosthetiki has been active in the field of dental prosthetics since 1993.

It is one of the largest dental laboratories in Greece, specializing in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry

The accumulated experience and tradition in the field of dentistry are an intrinsic part of our company. Since 1993, the founders and shareholders, namely Mr. Sotiris Argyropoulos, Manolis Pavlakis and Vaggelis Raftopoulos have been on a mission to continuously improve the quality of services and products. Since 1999, when the company received certification, it has been operating according to international quality standards ISO 9001.

Based on a high level of expertise, Prosthetiki is continuously investing in new technologies, quality materials, premium delivery of products and serving all the needs of the modern dentist. These factors provide the company with the flexibility to deliver tailor made products and services, integrating all modern changes and developments.

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