We meet the expectations set for quality dentistry especially in dental implants procedure


With expertise, modern scientific dental instruments and technological equipment, the dental laboratory Prosthetiki fully meets the expectations set for quality dentistry

One of the main aspects we accredit high value to is the technology used by the company. Using our technological skills we have come to the point where our technology is one of the main assets which allows us to deliver high quality products and services. The dental lab, Prosthetiki, which is continuously investing in new technologies, has today reached the point where we use the foremost modern technological equipment.

Our core scope is the integrated support to the dentist in terms of technological know-how and background coupled with high levels of expertise.

Prosthetiki is the first dental laboratory in Greece which has certification and operates using the quality standard of ISO 9001. This was the eventual result of the company’s dedication to the delivery of unmatchable quality to its customers, consistently aiming at benefitting the dental clinics associated with us.

The products delivered by our dental lab have the written guarantee of certified quality and are fully compliant with the stringent quality standards used in the relevant health sector.

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