Collaboration with the dentist using porcelain veneers has perfect results in cosmetic dentistry


In cosmetic dentistry, the result of the cooperation of the dentist and the dental laboratory is a beautiful smile and a satisfied patient

In every day performance we are confronted with the patient’s desire that the services provided meet the need of original teeth imitations. This demand is passed to the dentist and the technician who will be involved in the constructions of the relevant parts.

Prosthetiki has the know-how to provide the best aesthetic result regardless of the restoration material. For example, using metal ceramic in the full layering technique and all ceramic restoration, as well as Zirconium.

Prosthetiki follows every prosthetic protocol used by the dental clinic to perform aesthetic restorations (diagnostic masks, diagnostic waxing temporary restorations, splint etc). It provides the dentist with all the necessary printed material for the planning and time scheduling of the therapy and is able to receive any photos of any incident sent by the dentist in digital form. The communication between the dental lab and the dentists can be done by telephone or online.

Furthermore, we have the technical ability to select shades indoors as well as capturing them digitally with a camera. The awesome, bright smiles and the satisfaction of our customers is the ultimate result of the efficient collaboration between the dentist and our company, our ultimate mission for success.

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