We undertake the making of metal structures of fixed prosthodontics of your laboratory. We also undertake the digital scanning of models and the design of your prosthetic restorations.

In 2006 we have incorporated the digital technology in our production process. Since then we have been continuously investing in technological equipment, acquiring knowledge and experience to digital technology to become an important tool in our hands. The last five years all the production of fixed prosthodontics of our laboratory designed and constructed using digital technology.

The dental laboratory Prosthetiki making one more step in the digital world acquired the metal structures manufacturing system reconstruction Laser Phenix Prox 100DP of Company Phenix 3D. This device enables us to guarantee the quality of metal structures and as regards the structure of the alloy and the application of prosthetic rehabilation.

  • Using the Laser Phenix device we are able to undertake the construction of your laboratory’s metal structures across the range of fixed prosthodontics, either classical or implant-supported.
  • We are also undertake the digital scanning of the models and the design of prosthetic restorations.                                                            
  • The delivery of the finished works for laboratories in Crete is the next day from the day of receipt of the model or work file. 
  • For partner laboratories exist the opportunity to acquire Scanner and design program with preferential settlement.
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