Using the all ceramic porcelain veneers with a modern technology system such as ips Empress e.max

IPS Empress e.max system

The IPS Empress e.max system is the most advanced ceramic system of the Ivoclar Vivadent group.

It provides excellent results in cosmetic denture faces and makes teeth look like natural teeth

The IPS Empress e.max all ceramic porcelain veneers is a thin porcelain surface, which adheres to the tooth surface in order to correct defects of the position, shape and color, making it a permanent solution in cosmetic dentistry.

It is one of the main methodologies of the Ivoclar Vivadent House, which has main offices in Luxemburg and departments in many cities around the world.

Ceramic frame work by lithium disilicate which can provide the construction of dental crowns and dental bridges of 3 pieces at the front side (until the second premolar).

The interleave could be provided by ceramic fluorapitite with excellent shade and colour results. Moreover, it provides the capability of constructing ceramic inlays and onlays.

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