The dental implant procedure requires the use of splints in order to achieve a better result In the dental lab there are mouth guards and whitening splints


Prosthetiki Dental Laboratory provides the dentist with a useful tool of significant value to the dentist regarding malfunctions, possible injuries diagnostic procedures and dental implant procedure

Splints today are a tool of great value to the dentist regarding dental implant procedure, malfunctions, injuries and diagnostic procedures.

Prosthetiki dental laboratory is able to deliver a series of splints to the dentist depending on the needs of the particular incident, such as splints with night guards, acclusal splint positioners, implatology night guards, positioners etc.

The significance of each incident to us, regarding the final result (avoiding permanent malfunctions), demands the highest levels of knowledge and expertise in each case.

 There’s also the ability to deliver a wide range of splints to the dentist such as:

1. Athletic mouth guards
2. Whitening splints
3. Splints for temporary restorations

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