Using IPS Press e.max in the all ceramic porcelain veneers for a  solution in cosmetic dentistry Porcelain veneers in the teeth front area without teeth-support


The all ceramic porcelain veneers is a thin porcelain surface, which adheres to the tooth surface in order to correct defects of the position, shape and colour, making it a permanent solution in cosmetic dentistry

The front teeth restorations using porcelain veneers provide the dentist with the means to recommend a perfect aesthetic result using a low risk production of dental substrates to provide solutions for discoloured teeth, erosions of lips surface, teeth gaps and changes of teeth shape.

Prosthetiki dental laboratory has a large variety of materials for constructing veneers using Ivoclar Vivadent’s  IPS e.max Press system.

In Prosthetiki we are continuously investing in training and new techniques. This is the reason we are able to construct ceramic micro-veneers in minimum thickness, for aesthetic restorations in the front area, without constructing teeth-support.

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